Sun-behind-cloudsWhat a great way to end a week.  I assigned a test this week to my Introduction to Computer Science players, in the form of a “Boss Challenge.”  I have several fairly quiet students, who come in to class, sit down, get to work, and rarely say much even during our semi-weekly one-on-one conferences.  But one of them wrote this in her journal after the period:

When I first heard there’s going to be an assessment my initial reaction was “Oh no, I’m really not that good.” But, last class I did the warmups and it was actually kind of fun because they were all sort of logic based questions and basic python coding so I thought “Maybe, I’m going to be okay.”

As it turns out, I was okay as a matter of fact I actually enjoyed it. After a bit of struggle , I breezed through it and even mastered it. I didn’t use the internet that much because the problems I did were sort of similar and I remembered more than I thought I did from CodeAcademy. So, I went from an “Oh no, I’m really not that good” to a“Maybe, I’m going to be okay” and by the end of it all I was at an “That was actually sort of fun.”

My response was simply: “I’m glad it was fun!  And you are that good.

“Sun behind clouds” by Superflewis at Wikimedia commons