If you’re interested in connecting with other teachers who are building course games and experimenting with games based learning (or any of the variant terms), here are a few great places to start.  Many of these can feel a bit like drinking from a firehose; take it slowly and you’ll be fine.  It can take time to get oriented, but they’re all welcoming and helpful to all of us who are just starting our journeys in gbl.

  • #gblchat (archived stream at
    A tweet-chat about games-based-learning.  Fairly active, rotating mediators, welcomes lurkers.  Was regularly held on Mondays at 8:00pm EST until spring 2014; change of time/date under discussion.  Organized by Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler)

  • Game On
    A group on the Adobe Education Exchange.  Discussions include general ones about intrinsic motivation, gamification of the classroom, and specifics about the Game On Word Press extension.  Very active, very welcoming of newcomers.

  • Game Based Learning group at EdWeb
    Moderate activity, focused around EdWeb happenings related to GBL.  Sponsored by FilamentGames, who also run a program to solicit teacher feedback through play testing of games in development.

  • Game Based Learning MOOC a sporadically offered course with a focus that changes each time it’s offered (but it’s always about some aspect of GBL/gamification). Really nice community members and some great resources, even when it’s not officially in session.

  • #levelupEd (home website)
    A tweet-chat about using gamification in the classroom.  Fairly active, welcomes lurkers, hosted by two teachers using gamification in their classrooms in a middle-school in North Carolina, US.

  • Gamification 4 teachers by teachers
    A google+ community, low activity, valuable posts.

  • Gamification in Education
    Another google+ community, very high activity, which can create an extreme firehose effect.  The members are all active in gamification, though, so if you prefer a regular stream of communication, this is a great group to join.

  • Gamification Wiki
    A community editable resource about gamification.  Tends to be more focused on gamification in business, but has many generally applicable resources and one section specifically focused on gamification in education.
  • Serious Games Society
    A group focused on serious games (term generally favored by the academic community for games with a non-entertainment goal).  Subgroups, events, forums, papers, projects, and more.  More academic than the rest of this list.

  • Gamification Course Wiki
    A course offered via Coursera, this is the class wiki, where resources and links are collected by the student community.

Know of another area/site/feed/chat that should be listed here?  Please let me know:

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