Whoops!  Didn’t realize I’d skipped out on writing about the final couple weeks of our term.  We spent the last few class periods of the semester building a larger project, with specific components required and the design completely up to the students.  It’s a small class, so there were two groups working together.  One created a nearly function-complete replica of the ’80s game Asteroids and the other created an interactive soccer goal kicker / goalie one-or-two-player game.  Pretty nice stuff for a group of kids that had no prior coding experience.

On the course game front, we’ll be returning to the world of Gnimmargorp this semester, specifically back to the Sea of Yarra and the Port of Noisrucer.  (arrays and recursion)  There seems to be a bit of a wane in enthusiasm for the storyline, so I’m planning to record some videos to spice things up a bit and throw in an unexpected quest or project, with perhaps an easter egg hidden or two in there.  No firm plans yet, but I need to enliven it a bit as arrays and recursion can be a bit of a drudge.

I’ve been excited over the break because I discovered Mike Skocko and the Game On community in the Adobe Education Exchange.  Mike and his team have created and are very actively developing a WordPress-based framework for presenting your game as a class.  I’ve adopted it (and am helping, already!) and will be using it for all my game classes next year.  It’s pretty sweet, very flexible and very powerful.  If you are interested in hosting a course-long game, I highly recommend you check it out.

Finally, I’ll be hosting the Twitter #GBLchat this coming Monday at 8:00pm EST; we’re going to discuss course-long games and how to design, support, and evaluate them.  I invite you to join us!